an ever shifting prism

by alejandro t. acierto



an ever shifting prism (stolen synthesis no. 4) is the forth piece in a series of text based works that deals with memory, language, and sound through a deconstructive process that eliminates the linearity of the text by equally weighting each letter as its own sonic event. While the original text remains in tact, the presentation challenges normal modes of comprehension and experience. Juxtaposed against the spoken text is material based on instrumental and vocal sounds presenting a situation in which each player must negotiate the various conflicting demands of each part of the work. The title is derived from a quote by Asian American art historian Margo Machida, who writes “[M]emory, consciously or unconsciously, does not necessarily register what actually took place, but rather what we preconceive (or wish) to have happened or what others inform us has happened. Responding to differing appeals for continuity and change, and selectively bound up with the needs, terms, rites, and personalities of the present, memory is an ever-shifting prism.”


released May 5, 2010



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